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Japanese Temple Mathematical problems in Nagano Pref. Japan

During Edo period (1603-1867),the old Japanese mathematics
"WASAN" developed considerably in a way no less inferrior to
western mathematics. We have forgotten it quite, nowadays.
We solved the about 200 problems of "SANGAKU" in Nagano
prefecture to hand down them to a later generation.
After that, we translated the brilliant cultural heritage into
English and decided electronic reproducing them to introduce all
over the world.
The original text is 『算額への招待』(Invitation to SANGAKU) (in 1999)

本書は,2003年に 『算額への招待』の英訳として教育書館より出版された
「Japanese Temple Mathematical problems in Nagano Pref. Japan」

  1. Part1・2(51.5MB)
  2. Part3-1(62.1MB)
  3. Part3-2(52.6MB)
  4. Part4(34.3MB)
  5. Part5(40.5MB)